New Feature: CME Rogue’s Gallery

Sep 9th, 2011 | By

We’ve been beefing up our Carlat CME Institute website. Our latest feature is the “CME Rogue’s Gallery” (you can view it on the bome page) in which we keep a running list of the most blatantly promotional CME programs that cross our path. Currently we are spotlighting a program funded by Mylan Pharmaceuticals to increase prescription of the MAOI EMSAM, and a program created by Stephen Stahl, funded by Avanir, to increase prescriptions of Nuedexta.

Please nominate your own entries to the CME Rogue’s Gallery. We’ll check them out, and if they appear to be simply drug ad disguised as CME, they will earn their own undistinguished place on our Rogue’s Gallery list.

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